Documents & Forms

Concealed Carry Information

Concealed Carry details can be obtained online from the St. Louis County Police Department website. Contact Officer Brad Wood at 636-458-9194, with any questions.

Deer Strike Information

It is an unfortunate fact that vehicle to deer collisions occur regularly throughout certain parts of Wildwood, particularly on those roadways with higher traffic volumes and/or speeds. Hunting of deer is permitted within Wildwood, with certain conditions based on geography and proximity of homes.

While hunting has helped control the deer population to a degree, vehicle to deer collisions still occur. With the recent heat and dry conditions, deer are on the move much more, so please take extra caution when traveling. In an effort to raise awareness of where deer strikes are most prevalent, a map has been posted to the city website. This map, identifies the locations of reported deer strikes throughout the city during 2011. However, please note that deer can be anywhere, so do not think a deer strike cannot occur where one has not occurred before.

Hunting & Firearms

A copy of Wildwood's ordinance, along with three copies of the Permission to Hunt on Private Property form is attached to the Hunting Regulations package (PDF). There is also a highlight summary of the Hunting Regulations. If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact Officer Jamie Reiter or Officer Chris Sahrmann at 636-458-9194.

Special Event Permits

Metro West and Monarch Fire Protection Districts now require permits for bonfires. Special Event Permits (PDF) for bonfire requests in those districts will require that the applicant submit a copy of the fire district permit prior to the City of Wildwood issuing a Special Event Permit for a bonfire. Eureka Fire Protection District does not require a permit for a bonfire at this time.

Traffic Accident Analysis Summary

Each year the traffic officer for the Wildwood Precinct, Officer Marc Beiner, produces a Traffic Accident Analysis Report for the automobile crashes that occurred in the City of Wildwood the previous year. The full report is too lengthy to place on the website, but a summary of the report can be accessed here. Please contact Officer Marc Beiner for any questions related to the summary or the full report.