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Last year, due to contamination levels seen in single-stream recycling, China, among other nations, banned the import of recyclable materials from the US.  This change led to the closure of a local materials recycling facility (MRF), which has disrupted the local recycling market and the operations of waste haulers that were using the facility, including Meridian Waste. As a result, Meridian Waste was forced to change its recycling program from single-stream to dual-stream to reduce contamination levels and ensure that the materials collected are viable for local and regional markets.  We ask for your patience, as we adapt to the changes impacting the local recycling industry, and this adjustment that is being made by our provider.

Summary of Dual-Stream Recycling 

Dual-stream recycling means that Meridian residential customers are requested to use two separate recycling containers—one for plastics & metals (Rigids) and one for paper & cardboard (Fiber) collected on alternating weeks.  The following dual-stream curbside recycling program became effective on April 1.

Rigid Recyclables

Where: Curbside every other week (on alternate weeks as the “Fiber” material pickup)

What: "Rigid" materials will be collected as follows:

  • Plastic containers (containing the recycling code 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 (non-black))
  • Metal containers (aluminum, tin and steel cans)

Fiber Recyclables

Where: Curbside every other week (on alternate weeks as the “Rigid” material pickup)

What: "Fiber" materials will be collected as follows

  • Cardboard (Cereal boxes), Corrugated Cardboard
  • Mixed Paper, Newspapers, Magazines

When: Here is a calendar showing the dates for Rigid and Fiber weeks: Recycling Calendar

Glass: If residents wish to recycle glass, Meridian Waste has established drop-off locations  for this material (see below), otherwise it can be placed on the trash. 

Drop-Off Locations:  Drop-off locations for glass and fiber materials are located as follows: 

Additional Recycle Container:  Meridian residential customers have been provided an additional 65-gallon or 95-gallon recycle container to allow sorting materials into "rigids" or "fiber" containers.  Meridian has placed stickers on existing recycling containers to mark them as "Rigids" and new containers as "Fiber".  Additional stickers are available at City Hall. 

Container Corrections: If you don't want the additional cart, received the incorrect cart size, or would like to swap for a different size, please contact Meridian Customer Care at 314-291-3131. 

 Cost: To establish the dual-stream program, Meridian residential customers saw an increased cost of $0.50/month, until August 1, 2019 when a new long-term waste hauler agreement changes to Waste Connections. 

Questions: If you have any questions, please contact us at

For your reference, we created a list of FAQs to answer questions you may have. This FAQ will be updated as new information becomes available.