Waste Connections - New Residential Hauler 8/1/19

As approved by the City Council, effective on August 1, 2019, Waste Connections will take over as the residential waste hauler for the City of Wildwood.  Weekly collection of trash, recycling and yard waste will continue, and collection days will not change. The new waste hauler agreement with Waste Connections is for two years, with an option to extend for three additional years.  

Service Account: Assuming you have an existing account for basic service with Meridian Waste, that account will automatically transfer to Waste Connections. If you had yard waste with Meridian, that service will also transfer.  For new residents and residents of newly built homes, contact Waste Connections directly to setup new accounts.  

Rates: With the new agreement, on August 1st residents can expect a reduction in their monthly bill for basic services (trash and recycling) from $17.20/month to $16.05/month.  Optional yard waste will remain at $10.30/month.  Optional 95-gallon Cart Rental (for trash) will cost $3.15/month.  The current 15% senior discount will be retained, but will not automatically transfer.  After July 15, contact Waste Connections to apply senior discounted rates to your account.

Billing: Your first invoice dated August 1st will be prorated for 2 months of services:  August and September.  All subsequent invoices will be for 3 calendar months, billed on calendar quarters. If you are currently signed up for yard waste service, that will transfer.  If you want to add yard waste please call after July 15th. Your pick up days for all services will remain the same

Recycling: With the change to a new waste hauler, the City Council approved switching our recycling program from dual-stream back to single-stream recycling, and therefore, Waste Connections will remove the new blue 65 gallon toter that was delivered to your residence for fiber earlier this year on your last fiber pick up day of July. For Thursday and Friday pickups, that will be July 18th and 19th.  


Website:  Click here for Waste Connections website  

Waste Connections Email:  wcmissouri@wasteconnections.com


Waste Connections Customer Service:  (636) 321-2100

letters from Waste Connections are being sent to all households on June 15th, July 1, and July 15th.  

Welcome Letter from Waste Connections (PDF)

Waste Connections July 1 Letter