Scavenger Hunt

Starting Thursday, July 2, 2020 through Thursday, July 9, 2020, there will be 4 golden rocks hiding along the Community Park’s 1 Mile Loop Trail.  Can you find them all?

(Community Park Address: 2153 Highway 109, Wildwood, MO 63038)

While you are out hunting for the golden rocks, be sure and take a “selfie” at each rock, and then submit them online via the following link: Enter Contest Here

Participants who complete the online form and find all 4 golden rocks, will have their name entered for a chance to win a gift card to Main Street Creamery. Entries must be submitted no later than Thursday, July 9th.

Most importantly, please do not touch or remove the golden rocks.  Thank you.

You can start anywhere along the loop trail and here are some clues to help you along your way:

Clue 1There are two special benches on the trail under your feet, One of them hides the treasure you seek.  Remember its special.  It’s not just a seat.  It’s a Memorial Tribute for someone unique.
Clue 2The newest bridge on the trail is so pretty.  But a mistake was made, oh what a pity.  Find the asphalt patch by the bridge on the trail.  And stand on the patch and face the opposite bridge rail.  Walk to the edge of a stone and look down.  And take a photo of the treasure you found.
Clue 3 This golden rock is not easily found.  It’s in a concrete pipe that goes under ground.  Go as far north on the trail as you can.  Until it turns south, then stop for a visual scan.  Look for some rocks neatly placed all around.  That’s where the pipe goes under the ground.  Step on the rocks and face the trail.  The gold rock is there, you didn’t fail.
Clue 4There are many Oak Trees on this one mile loop.  So let’s get specific with the treasure finding scoop.  You could start at the bridge that was part of another clue.  And take 400 steps to the south, maybe 402.  The golden rock is at the base of an Oak.  To the west of the trail, it’s not a joke.  If you need more help, there is a faded pink ribbon across from the oak tree where the treasure is hidden.


Here’s another clue from a different direction.  Where the trail crosses the main park road, farthest south of the trail section, take 258 steps to the northwest for the treasure, this is key. The golden rock will be to the west of the trail, at the base of an oak tree.  If you need more help, look for the faded pink ribbon, because across the way is the oak tree.  

Important additional information:


Playgrounds and Restrooms currently closed, but portable restrooms are available at the north and south parking lots.

Keep following CDC Guidelines...stay home if you do not feel well and retain social distancing when passing others on the trail.

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