Future Projects


2019 Concrete Street and Sidewalk Replacement and Crack Sealing (Various Wards)

Each year, various concrete street slabs and sidewalks are scheduled for replacement throughout the City’s subdivisions. Construction begins each year around March and is typically completed by August.

2019 Asphalt Resurfacing (Various Wards)

During summer 2018, the City will be resurfacing several City Streets throughout Wildwood including the following: Hencken Road, Bouquet Road, Old Manchester Road, Christy Avenue, Melrose Road, and Old Fairway Drive.

Crosswalk Improvement Project (Ward 3, Ward 5, and Ward 8)

This project will improve existing crosswalks on the Wildwood Greenway (along Route 109) crossing Pond-Grover Loop Road, Shepard Road, and Bent Ridge Drive. In addition, the project will add new signalized crosswalks across Route 109 at Shepard Road and improve the existing crosswalk crossing Taylor Road at Plaza Drive.

Manchester Road Streetscape Phase 3 (Taylor Road to Eatherton Road) (Ward 8)

Once completed, this segment of Manchester Road will be improved to include bike lanes, on-street parking, curbs & gutters, sidewalks, street lighting and street trees. This project will maintain two lanes of traffic, however, during work periods; the contractor may be allowed to close one lane of traffic.

East and Center Avenue Reconstruction (Ward 8)

This project will re-build East Avenue to City standards and will resurface and widen Center Avenue.

Sidewalk Improvement Projects (Ward 4 and Ward 8) 

These projects will construct sidewalks in two locations: 1.) Along the east side of Route 109 from Manchester Road to Viola Gill Lane (Ward 8). 2.) Along the north side of Clayton Road from Anniversary Park to McBride Pointe Drive (Ward 4).


Eatherton Road Bridge Replacement (Wards 1 and 2)

Replacement of the bridge on Eatherton Road over Bonhomme Creek, located east of Route 109 near Orrville Road. A ninety (90) day closure of Eatherton Road will be necessary to construct this project.


Bouquet Road Culverts #340 and #352 Replacement (Ward 6)

The City is designing a project to remove and replace two existing structurally deficient concrete box culverts under Bouquet Road.

Eatherton Road Improvement Project (Ward 8)

The City is designing improvements Eatherton Road from Manchester Road to Cambury Lane. The improved road will include sidewalks, bicycle facilities, storm sewers, and lighting.

YMCA Loop Trail

The City is designing a new 10’ wide shared use path to be constructed along the west side of Route 109, from New College Avenue to Turkey Track Road, and along the north side of Turkey Track Road, between Route 109 to Generations Drive.

Traffic Signal Improvement Project (Ward 7 and Ward 8)

This project will upgrade the City’s three traffic signals (Manchester Road at Pierside Lane, Manchester Road at Schnucks Wildwood Crossing, and Taylor Road at Main Street). Design of this project is planned to begin in 2019.

Pond Sanitary Sewer Extension Project (Ward 1) 

The City is working on conceptual design of a project which would extend sanitary sewer service west along Manchester Road to Wildwood Middle School. The construction of this project is not yet funded.

Strecker Road Sidewalk Project (Ward 2 and Ward 4)

The goal of this project is to provide a continuous sidewalk along Strecker Road between Clayton Road to the Ellisville City Limit. Design of this project is planned to be completed in 2019.

Manchester Road Shared Use Path (Ward 1) 

This project will construct a 10’ wide shared use path along the south side of Manchester Road between Route 109 to Pond Road. The City received federal funding for this project and design of this is scheduled to begin in 2019.