Charter Amendment Propositions for April Ballot

Charter Amendment Propositions

The Charter is the fundamental legal document of the City – its “constitution.” The Charter establishes the form and structure of City government, defines the powers of City officials and establishes the basic procedural mechanisms which govern the conduct of City officials and the administration of the City. Wildwood citizens adopted a Home Rule City Charter in 1997 and amendments to the City Charter must be approved by City voters.

The Wildwood City Charter requires that a comprehensive review of the Charter be undertaken at least every ten years by a Charter Review Commission of citizens appointed by the City Council. A Charter Review Commission composed of eight citizens was appointed in early 2017 to conduct this required review. Following a thorough six-month review, the Commission submitted their report and recommendations to the City Council. The five Propositions proposing City Charter Amendments are the result of the Charter Review Commission’s recommendations as approved by the City Council, who authorized the Charter Amendment Propositions to be placed on the ballot at the April 3 election.

Due to a limit imposed by the Board of Elections on the number of words that are allowed to be placed on the ballot, the Propositions printed on the ballots cannot include the entirety of the provision of the Charter proposed for amendment and will only refer to the City ordinances that called for the proposed amendments. A copy of these ordinances will be placed on the polling office wall for all voters to review.

Please view the following links to review each Proposition to be placed on the April 3, 2018 ballot.