Plein Air Art Event - Saturday, May 11, 2019

The City of Wildwood hosted its 5th Plein Air Art Event on Saturday, May 11, 2019. "En plein air is a French term that translates literally as 'in the open air.'" This type of art work is completed on location, while outdoors.  

On the morning of the event, participants checked-in at City Hall, and were given the location of the event.  This year, the location was the La Salle Retreat Center.  Artists were allowed to photograph, paint, draw, etc. anything they wanted, at that location, but the catch is they had only 8 hours to complete their artwork and submit it at City Hall! 

Plein Air Logo 2018


The City's 2019 Plein Air Art Event was originally scheduled for May 4, 2019, but was postponed due to weather conditions.

The event was rescheduled for May 11, 2019 ……. whereupon it rained and thunder stormed the entire day!!!!! Still, even with the seriously bad weather conditions, approximately thirty (30) very hearty artists assembled at Wildwood City Hall to learn the surprise location chosen for them to paint, draw, or photograph!!! The result was thirty nine (39) pieces of exceptional artwork that are currently on display at Wildwood City Hall. On July 19, 2019, a Plein Air Artist Reception was held to celebrate their work and to announce those pieces of artwork that judges singled out as the Best of Show in their respective types of work. 

Awards were presented in three (3) categories: Student Awards; Photography; and Traditional Media. Coupled with the announcement of show winners, judges selected several pieces deserving of an Honorable Mention. The artists recognized for their work in the 2019 Wildwood Plein Air Art Event were:

  • Best of Show, Photography: Ripple by Sandy Ferkel
  • Honorable Mention: Rain Drops by Kathleen Hager
  • Honorable Mention: Cold, Wet Texture by Cindy Schrichte

  • Best of Show, Traditional Media: Spring Flowers by Michelle Spencer
  • Honorable Mention: Misty Morning by Vicki Hefty
  • Honorable Mention: Morning Mist by Michelle Spencer

  • Student Award High Recognition: Lonesome by Aly Palmquist
  • Student Award High Recognition: Lone Tree by Lanie Diekhoff
  • Honorable Mention: Spring Rain by Aly Palmquist

Artists that had their work recognized as Best of Show received five hundred dollars ($500.00).

Students that had their work recognized with the Student Award of High Recognition received one hundred dollars ($100.00).

Sponsorship of the prize money was donated through the generosity of the Wildwood 10 B & B Movie Theater.

All of the submitted art pieces are on display at Wildwood City Hall through the weekend of August 24, 2019.

As you view each of the submittals, keep in mind everything was completed in driving rain and thunderstorms!!!!

All pieces of artwork are for sale!!