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City Hall Council Chambers – 16860 Main Street

June 17, 2019 – Monday

<<< 7:00 P.M. >>>

This Meeting will be “Livestreamed” by the City of Wildwood


Action Items on Tonight’s Agenda -------------------------->     Two (2) Public Hearings, Two (2) Letters of Recommendation, One (1) Information Report, and One (1) Other item, i.e. Establishment of nominating Committee for Officers for Upcoming Year


Welcome to Attendees and Roll Call of Commission Members


Review Tonight’s Agenda/Questions or Comments


Approval of Minutes of the Meeting of Monday, June 3, 2019


Department of Planning’s Opening Remarks/Updates


Public Comment Session – All public comments on the active agenda items accepted here, excluding Public Hearings


Public Hearing – Two (2) Items for Consideration


P.Z. 8-19 Albert and Gisela Baner, 18909 Old Fox Bridge Road, Wildwood, Missouri 63069, c/o Straight Up Solar, 10330 Page Industrial Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri 63132

A request for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) in the NU Non-Urban Residence District and FPNU Floodplain Non-Urban Residence District (Street Address: 18909 Old Fox Bridge Road/Locator Number: 26Y120115), for the installation of roof-mounted solar panels, which are to be so situated on the dwelling as to be visible from an adjoining roadway. This request is to be reviewed in accordance with Chapter 415.090 NU Non-Urban Residence District Regulations of the City of Wildwood Zoning Ordinance, which establishes standards and requirements for the installation of solar panels. The requested permit is required due to the panels’ placement on the front facing area of the dwelling’s roof, which does abut a roadway. (Ward Six)

P.Z 11-19 City of Wildwood Planning and Zoning Commission c/o Department of Planning, 16860 Main Street, Wildwood, Missouri 63040

A request to review Section 415.030 Definitions, Section 415.400 Sign Regulations – General, Section 415.410 Sign Regulations for “FP”, “PS”, “NU”, and all ‘”R” Districts, Section 415.420 Sign Regulations for all “C” and “M” Districts, Section 415.430 Subdivision Information Signs, and Section 415.440 Temporary Signs, specifically for the purposes of considering possible changes to certain existing regulations to address comments and concerns from members of the public regarding their timeliness and applicability, and to review recent relevant legal developments regarding the same. (Wards – All)

Old Business – Three (3) Items for Consideration


Letters of Recommendation – Two (2) Items for Consideration


P.Z. 5-19 City of Wildwood Planning and Zoning Commission c/o Department of Planning, 16860 Main Street, Wildwood, Missouri, 63040

A request relating to P.Z. 10-15 St. Charles Tower c/o Kathryn Roderique, 4 West Drive, Suite 100, Chesterfield, Missouri, 63017 which, if granted, would terminate the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) that was authorized on this 10.6 acre tract of land, of which two thousand (2,000) square feet of this total lot’s area is permitted to be utilized for a one hundred ten (110) foot telecommunications tower and related equipment shelter area; NU Non-Urban Residence District, with a Conditional Use Permit (CUP); generally located northwest of the intersection of Babler Park Drive and Old Eatherton Road (Locator Number: 21W310270/Street Address: 1400 Babler Park Drive – Lifepointe Church). This review, relative to the termination of this existing permit, is required, given it contained certain performance standards for submittals, which have not been met, along with the petitioner notifying the City of Wildwood that it does not intend to complete the required Site Development Plan process in the timeline therein established by the Planning and Zoning Commission in the governing permit. (Ward Three)

`P.Z. 9-19 Graham Oswald, 1827 Shiloh Woods Road, Wildwood, Missouri, 63005,

Is seeking the review and action of the Planning and Zoning Commission regarding an outdoor game court (batting cage, with associated netting structure), which has already been constructed, and located at 1827 Shiloh Woods Road, Wildwood, Missouri (Locator Number 22X220070); NU—Non-Urban Residence District. This request is to be reviewed in accordance with Chapter 415.090 NU—Non-Urban Residence District Regulations of the City of Wildwood Zoning Code, which establishes standards and requirements for outdoor game courts relating to their considerations by the Planning and Zoning Commission. The completed outdoor game court addition, i.e. batting cage, is situated on the south side of the existing residence, and placed outside of the front yard setback area, which does constitute an accessory use to the single family dwelling. (Ward One)

Information Reports – One (1) Item for Consideration


`P.Z. 6-19 City of Wildwood Planning and Zoning Commission c/o Department of Planning, 16860 Main Street, Wildwood, Missouri, 63040

A request for the consideration of possible changes to Chapter 415 of the City of Wildwood’s Code of Municipal Ordinances that would potentially provide new regulations governing the cultivation, manufacture, transportation, distribution, testing, and sale (dispensary) of medical marijuana, within any “NU” Non-Urban Residence District, “C” Commercial District, or “M” Industrial District zoned parcel of ground within the City of Wildwood. The consideration of such is necessitated by the timeline and requirements established in the constitutional amendment that was approved and passed by the voters of Missouri on November 6, 2018 for such activities. Any considerations relating to any possible new regulations associated with these activities are premised upon the City of Wildwood’s required protection of the public’s health, safety, and general welfare through the application of its zoning and land use regulations. (Ward - All)

New Business – No Items for Consideration


Site Development Plans - Public Space Plans - Record Plats – No Items for Consideration


Other Items – One (1) Items for Consideration


Formation of Nominating Committee for 2019/2020 Commission Officers (Wards - All)


Closing Remarks and Adjournment by Chair of Commission


Note: The Planning and Zoning Commission will consider and act upon these matters listed above and any such others as may be presented at the meeting and determined appropriate for discussion at that time.

If you would like to submit a comment regarding an item on this meeting agenda, please visit the Form Center.

The City of Wildwood will provide reasonable accommodations for persons attending Planning and Zoning Commission meetings.  Requests for reasonable accommodations should be made directly to Amanda Foster, City Clerk, at 636-458-0440, or email at afoster@cityofwildwood.com, at least 48 hours prior to the start of the meeting.