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2015 Wildwood Cabin Fever Hike

The Wildwood Cabin Fever Hike, scheduled for Saturday Morning, February 28, 2015, IS A GO!! Yes, it will be chilly! Yes, there might be snow on the ground! And yes, the wind might be howling!!! But the snow on the bluffs, the icy clear Meramec River, and the views they create, are magnificent!!! The start/finish of the event is at the Al Foster Memorial Trailhead, 225 Grand Avenue in Glencoe. It is a rolling start/check-in between 8:15 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. There are snacks and refreshments available at the check-in tent!!! The event is free of charge, but you must be registered to enjoy the hospitality!!! So, if you are registered, bundle up and come join all the hearty hikers Saturday Morning!! Despite the weather, it will be a great way to start the morning!

March 2015 Early Childhood Recreation Program Registration – LIMITED SPACE STILL AVAILABLE

Space is limited, so REGISTER TODAY!  Please note, each child must be registered individually, and you must choose one (1) of the three (3) pottery options at the time of registration.  Due to the need to order these items, once you have submitted your registration, these pottery choices cannot be changed.  Click here to register now!

Master Plan Update Process – 2015 - Public Input Session 

The City is beginning the update of its Master Plan, which was first adopted in 1996, and then updated in 2006. This plan is updated every ten (10) years to keep it germane to residents, reflect changing conditions, and address new trends. This planned update is also taking place during the City's 20th Anniversary Celebration. One of the first steps in this update process is to obtain the opinions, ideas, and input from the City's residents. Your comments are essential to ensure this document remains reflective of its residents and desired character. To this end, the City will be conducting its second public input session: 
At this public input session, you will be given an opportunity to talk about the Master Plan and all things Wildwood, which will help the committee of resident volunteers appointed by Mayor Timothy Woerther to lead this update process.  The format of this meeting is planned to create a fun atmosphere and will be led by the resident volunteers associated with this process. Your attendance will guarantee the update of the Master Plan is based upon resident input. If you cannot attend this date, a web-based survey, with questions regarding the Master Plan, is available for you to complete at www.cityofwildwood.com. Thank you for helping in this process and taking your important time to participate in it as well.
Questions? Please feel free to contact the Department of Planning at (636) 458-0440 or by e-mail to joe@cityofwildwood.com. Thank you for your consideration of this invitation and helping to keep Wildwood a great place to live, work, and play.

Winter Weather Safety and Snow Removal

With possible winter weather continuing to be in the forecast over the next week, please be aware of the snow removal and deicing procedures followed by the City of Wildwood, Missouri Department of Transportation, and St. Louis County Department of Highways and Traffic.  For an explanation of how roads are serviced and by which agency during a winter weather event, and for details on keeping your driveway entrance from filling with snow, please visit cityofwildwood.com.

Historic Preservation Commission – Do You Have a Story?

The Historic Preservation Commission recently updated the ordinance that governs its activities, as well as all of the preservation efforts undertaken by this community. As part of this update process, the Commission has identified a number of new initiatives relating to documenting the interesting and diverse history of the area that became the City of Wildwood. This history will be the centerpiece of a commemorative booklet that is to be published, as part of the City’s twentieth anniversary celebration. The Commission is seeking volunteers that may be long-time residents of the area to provide any oral, photographic, or artifact to it, so they may be recorded, copied, or photographed and used as part of this book. All photographs and artifacts will be returned to the lender promptly, if requested.  Anyone interested in helping the Commission in this effort is asked to please contact the Department of Planning at (636) 458-0440 or by e-mailing Joe Vujnich at joe@cityofwildwood.com to discuss your contribution to this important project. Thank you for any consideration in this regard. The members of the Commission want to ensure that the role of you and your family in the development of this area that is now known as Wildwood is not lost to future generations.


Historic Community Markers Program

Over the past few years, the City of Wildwood, led by its Historic Preservation Commission, has undertaken an exciting new program of developing historic community markers to recognize and honor the eleven (11) original settlements that are now located within the City and have contributed to its rich history. These eleven (11) communities are: Glencoe, Grover, Pond, Westland Acres, Centaur, Hollow, Orrville, Melrose, Kelpe, Monarch/Eatherton, and Fox Creek. As noted, these communities have contributed to the rich and storied history of the area, and existed long before the City of Wildwood was incorporated in 1995. Thus, the City Council endorsed this historic community markers program and, shortly thereafter, the Historic Preservation Commission began its research on each community, compiled information on them, and will create a marker for each to recognize them and the community they created. The first of these eleven (11) markers to be installed over the next few years is in Glencoe.
Therefore, on Saturday, February 28, 2015, at 10:30 a.m., the City’s Historic Preservation Commission will hold a special unveiling event for its historic community markers program, beginning with the recognition of the Glencoe Historic Marker. This sign will be installed at Glencoe City Park, near the parking area. If inclined, the Historic Preservation Commission encourages you to attend this unveiling and be a part of the City of Wildwood’s rich history by recognizing this area’s past. This unveiling will follow the 13th Annual Cabin Fever Hike sponsored by the Open Space Council (OSC) and the City of Wildwood.
If you should have any questions regarding the aforementioned event or information, please feel free to contact the Department of Planning and Parks at 636-458-0440. We hope to see you on February 28th!

City Council Activity – February 23, 2015 Meeting

Ordinance #2084 - Authorizing the reapproval of a Boundary Adjustment Plat of Lot 12 of the Hidden Valley Forest Subdivision and a consolidation of part of Lot 9 of the Courtois Tract and part of Lots 9, 10, 11, and 16, known as Tract B, of River Bend Subdivision.
Ordinance #2085 - Approving a record plat, trust indenture, general warranty deed, and cash deposit agreements, which provide the necessary guarantees for required subdivision improvements for an eight (8) lot residential subdivision upon on a six (6) acre parcel of ground to be known as the “Old State Place” Subdivision.
Ordinance #2086 - Authorizing the Mayor to execute a contract on behalf of the City of Wildwood with J. M. Marschuetz construction company for City-wide concrete street and sidewalk replacement, including traffic control and other incidental items, as shown on construction drawings and specifications.
Ordinance #2087 - Authorizing the Mayor to execute a contract on behalf of the City of Wildwood with H. R. Green, Inc. For the development of construction plans and specifications for a roundabout at the intersection of Missouri Route 109 and the eastbound ramps to and from Missouri Route 100.
Resolution #2015-06 - Endorses and thereby ratifies a change to the Charter’s Comprehensive Zoning Map to accommodate the development of 8.01 acre tract of land that is located on the west side of Center Avenue, south of Manchester Road, by changing the definition of “Suburban Residential Area” to accommodate a density that is no greater than 1.75 units per acre, rather than the current one (1) unit per acre.
Resolution #2015-07 - Authorizing the Mayor to enter into a contract with E. Terrence Jones and Cynthia J. Palazzolo for the development, administration, and analysis of an internet-based survey to be used in conjunction with the 2015 update of the City’s Master Plan.
Resolution #2015-08 - Authorizing the adoption of the policy - Use of Public Funds for Partnerships – to be implemented for the consideration, review, and action upon requests of funding of outside entities by this community.
Resolution #2015-09 - Authorizing the renewal of a contract with Here to Serve – Missouri Waste Division LLC d/b/a Meridian Waste Services LLC - for street sweeping services within the City of Wildwood or other incidental items as required in the contract specifications.


2015 Summer Swimming Pool Passes

Summer swimming pool passes will be available beginning March 2, 2015! Residents of Wildwood can spend their summer swimming at the Edge Aquatic Center in the City of Ellisville (Bluebird Park) or the North Pointe Aquatic Center in the City of Ballwin. The details are as follows:
The Edge Aquatic Center in the City of Ellisville (Bluebird Park) – 225 Kiefer Creek Road – Passes go on sale beginning March 2, 2015, at the Administration Center Office – 636-591-2398.  Wildwood residents will be able to purchase family season passes at the Ellisville resident rate. If purchased between March 2, 2015 and May 7, 2015, a ten percent (10%) discount will be applied. Purchase before May 7, 2015, and the family pool pass will be $162.00. After May 7, 2015, the family pool pass will be $180.00. It should be noted, there is no deadline date to purchase pool passes (other than the early bird special, which expires on May 7, 2015).
The North Pointe Aquatic Center in the City of Ballwin – 335 Holloway Road – Passes go on sale beginning March 2, 2015, at The Pointe, #1 Ballwin Commons Circle – 636-227-8950. Wildwood residents will be able to purchase passes, beginning March 2, 2015, thru April 30, 2015, for $189.00. Please note – there are only a limited number of pool passes available at The North Pointe Aquatic Center!   If there are pool passes still available after April, 30, 2015, they can be purchased at the rate of $210.00. Wildwood residents interested in a pool pass at the North Pointe Aquatic Center should consider purchasing it at their first opportunity! The available passes quickly sell out!
You will need to provide proof of residency at both facilities to purchase pool passes. The normal rule of thumb, an unpaid utility bill, a personal property tax receipt, and a picture I.D. Please do not simply try to convince the respective personnel that you are a Wildwood resident – you need to show them these items!
Questions? Call Gary at 636-458-0440 or e-mail at gary@cityofwildwood.com. If you have specific questions about either of the facilities, call the telephone numbers provided above! This pool pass program is a great opportunity to plan your summer fun!! 

Pond Athletic Association 2015 Trivia Night - TOMORROW

The 2015 Pond Athletic Association Trivia Night will be held tomorrow, Saturday, February 28, 2015, at Equine Assisted Therapy (3369 State Route 109).  For more information, to register, or donate, please visit http://www.pondathletic.com/.

Family Snow Sports Day

For those residents who received passes for Wildwood Family Snow Sports Day at Hidden Valley Ski Resort, which was originally scheduled for February 21, 2015, but may not have redeemed them due to the weather conditions last Saturday, the passes will also be honored/accepted tomorrow, February 28, 2015. 

Rockwood Hero 5K & 1 Mile Walk

Wildwood Spring Egg Hunt

The 2015 Wildwood Spring Egg Hunt is scheduled for Saturday, March 28, 2015!! This always exciting event is once again taking place at Fairway Elementary School (480 Old Fairway Drive, Wildwood, Missouri 63040). Age groups for the hunt will be as follows: 3 years of age and under; 4 to 6 year olds; and 7 to 11 year olds.  The horn will blow at 10:00 a.m. sharp!! So please be at the correct field for your child’s age, BEFORE 10:00 a.m. There will be thousands of eggs to be hunted, but they will disappear in minutes!!! After the Egg Hunt, there will be hot dogs, popcorn, and drinks for all!! Also, there will be Bounce Houses, Babaloo, a Bubble Bus, Clowns, and Face Painters!!! St. Louis Children’s Hospital will be on-site with bicycle helmets available for purchase (fittings will be provided)!! This event draws a crowd!! So allow yourself enough time to find a parking space and make your way to the appropriate egg hunt field!!! Participants need to bring their own baskets. This is a fast two (2) hours!!! Don’t miss it!! Questions? Call Andrea or Gary at 636-458-0440 or via e-mail andrea@cityofwildwood.com or gary@cityofwildwood.com

Arbor Day Tree Hugger Run/Walk

We know this announcement is early, but we want to make sure EVERYONE has the opportunity to put this new event on his or her calendar!! Friday evening, April 24, 2015, at 7:00 p.m., be part of the inaugural Arbor Day - Tree Hugger 5K Run/Walk! Participants will start out on one of Wildwood’s most popular asphalt trails (the Hamilton-Carr Greenway)! Runners/walkers will go through a tunnel, run/walk on a regular roadway, run/walk along the Meramec River on a chat trail, and cross a 194 ft. bridge!!! What better way is there to start a great April weekend!! There will be refreshments, T-Shirts, and A WHOLE LOT OF FUN! The run/walk will start and finish at LaSalle Springs Middle School (3300 Highway 109). Participants can register on-line at the Big River Running website (https://register.chronotrack.com/reg/form?eventID=12018), pick up a race form for the event at Wildwood City Hall, or on the City of Wildwood website (www.cityofwildwood.com). Believe or not, we already have runners/walkers signed up!! So don’t delay. Register right away!!! Runners can compete for awards and walkers can relax and enjoy the scenery!!  Questions? Call Andrea or Gary at 636-458-0440 or via e-mail andrea@cityofwildwood.com or gary@cityofwildwood.com.


Depression Awareness: What You Need to Know!

Monday, March 9, 2015 - 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Lafayette High School Theater, 17050 Clayton Road, Wildwood, Missouri 63011
Depression can affect anyone; half of all lifetime mental illnesses begin by age 14.  It's crucial to recognize the signs of depression in ourselves and our families, and know how to get help navigating the mental health care system.  CHADS Coalition for Mental Health (an organization that saves young lives by advancing the awareness & prevention of depression) and Dr. Shair Sevier (Lafayette counselor) will host a discussion that addresses the questions:

  • Are you able to recognize the signs of depression and warning signs of suicide?
  • If you see those signs, do you know what steps to take?

We hope you can join our discussion on March 9th. This event is open to the public.
For more information contact Lori Rasmussen, lorirasmussen@yahoo.com, or Dr. Sheri Sevier, seviersharon@rockwood.k12.mo.us.

Nominating Petitions for the April 7, 2015 Municipal Election – Filing Has Closed and Candidates Are Listed Below

Filing for the office of Councilperson closed on January 20, 2015, at 5:00 p.m. Below is a list of those individuals that have filed and will be on the April 7, 2015 ballot for the City of Wildwood. Thanks to all for participating and being willing to serve this great City. If you should have any comments or questions regarding municipal elections in the City of Wildwood, please contact Deputy City Administrator/City Clerk Lynne Greene-Beldner at 636-458-0440.
Ward One:          Larry McGowen
Ward Two:          Ed Marshall
Ward Two:          Ray Manton
Ward Three:      Sue Cullinane
Ward Four:         Katie Dodwell
Ward Five:          Dave Bertolino
Ward Six:            James R. Bowlin
Ward Seven:      Jeffrey S. Levitt
Ward Seven:      Greg Stine
Ward Eight:        Joe Garritano

Holiday Light Recycling – FINAL DAYS

The City of Wildwood is pleased to once again partner with Meridian Waste Services’ holiday light recycling program.  No longer wanted strands of holiday lights may be placed in the dumpster supplied for this specific purpose at the end of Wildwood Avenue, which is located just to the east of the Wildwood Municipal Building.  Please do not place light strands in your regular trash, as they become tangled in the equipment at the landfills.  Please do not place them in the curbside recycling containers, since they will not be accepted in the weekly pickup.  Please help keep the City of Wildwood the eco-friendly city we are known to be by placing those unwanted light strands in the appropriate dumpster on Wildwood Avenue.  This dumpster will be available until March 2, 2015. Thank you

Holiday Tree Pick-up – FINAL DAYS

Meridian Waste Services will dispose of holiday trees until March 1, 2015.  Please place the tree at the curb on recycle OR trash day.  Residents need not participate in the yard waste service for this complimentary, one-time service.  Please remove all decorations, before placing the tree at the curb.  

American Flag Disposal

The City of Wildwood accepts retired American flags for dignified disposal.  Please bring worn flags to City Hall, 16860 Main Street, and leave them with the receptionist.  All flags collected will be relinquished to the Boy Scouts of America for proper disposal.  US Flags should never be placed in the trash.  


State Route 109 Project Updates

Click here to view the latest progress on the State Route 109 Project. 

The Ins and Outs of Two-Lane Roundabouts

With several new roundabouts set to open in the near future in the City of Wildwood, please take a moment to look at this informational brochure provided by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT).

Click here to learn about “The Ins and Outs of Two-Lane Roundabouts.”

Manchester Road Streetscape Phase 3 – Second Open House Scheduled – Let Us Know Your Thoughts!

The City of Wildwood will be holding its second public informational meeting for the Manchester Streetscape Phase 3 Improvement Project on Tuesday, March 24, 2015, at Wildwood City Hall, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The City has begun preliminary engineering of the project, and this meeting will allow the public to see more detailed conceptual plans and discuss any concerns regarding the planned improvements with the project engineers. Phase 3 includes the section of Manchester Road between Taylor Road and Eatherton Road, and will incorporate similar improvements to those recently constructed during Phases 1 and 2 to the east and west of this project. The project will incorporate vehicular lanes, bike lanes, sidewalks, street lighting, street trees, and some on-street parking lanes along both sides of Manchester Road.
Final design is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2015. The City is currently seeking grant funding for this project and the start of construction will be determined based on any funding received.
You may email Mike Hartwig with comments or questions.
Follow the link below to see details of the Conceptual Plans that were presented at the first public informational meeting.
Click here to view the Conceptual Plans.


The Shoeman Water Project Shoe Drive Continues at City Hall

Thanks to everyone who has donated shoes, boots and sandals to the Shoeman Water Project.  The donation boxes are located at City Hall, 16860 Main Street, in the 1st Floor Foyer.  We appreciate everyone’s support of this worthwhile organization.  To learn more about the Shoeman Water Project, visit www.shoemanwater.org/.

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