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Mayor Woerther

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Almost two months ago I used this space to discuss the Sales Tax Pooling System that we operate under in Wildwood and across St. Louis County and the pending legislation before legislators in Jefferson City. 
Now fast-forward to today and the landscape remains the same though different legislation is involved.  This is what happens when it gets late in the legislative session in Jefferson City and efforts are made to piggy-back amendments on to relatively benign legislation.
You may have read that SB221 is now before the Senate and this bill contains several amendments; one of those amendments is the disruptive language which would cap the amount any city would contribute to the Pool Tax system to 50% of what is collected in that municipality.  Sounds harmless on the surface but the estimate of the impacts would be significant.  Wildwood would see a decrease in the distribution from the Pool annually of about $250,000.  Those dollars go to pay for police services and recreation events.
However what is most disturbing is that our new State Senator Dave Schatz is fully supportive of this bill despite the fact that every other State Senator that represents St. Louis County is on record as being completely against any changes to the Pool Tax system. 
Part of the argument used by those that want a greater amount from the Pool Tax system is that they as a municipality “generate” more sales tax, therefore they should receive a greater share.  This fails on the fact that it’s not municipalities that “generate” sales tax, every municipality only collects sales tax.   
Let Senator Schatz know that you are watching his efforts and ask him to support the residents of the City of Wildwood.  That you are for efficient municipal government, that is responsive to it residents and provides services equal to those of any in St. Louis County.  Finally let him know that you vote.
Here is his contact information:
                        Senator Dave Schatz (26th District)
                        201 West Capital Ave.  Room 433
                        Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
                        Phone Number: 573-751-3678
Email is possible as well through the Missouri Senate website. 
I hope you take the time to make contact and express your feelings on this subject and if you do, please let me know.  If you want to reach me directly on this or anything else contact me at twoerther@cityofwildwood.com
Until next week,
Mayor Tim Woerther

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